Three Part Class: Lightroom Essentials On-Line Class

Three Part Class - $130

Thursday, Sept. 29-- Lightroom Essentials--part 1

Thursday, Oct . 6--Lightroom Essentials--part 2

Thursday, Oct. 13--Lightroom Essentials--part 3

This 3-part webinar provides a practical workflow for using

Lightroom as a complete organizing, editing, and exporting software. Each module provides easy to understand, step-by-step instructions on managing and enhancing digital images to produce high-quality output. Topics are presented and explained in simple terms so students can quickly grasp the concepts and immediately put the instruction into practice.

What You’ll Learn -- You will learn a practical workflow that allows you to effectively organize, enhance, and prepare digital image files to print for yourself or your customers at a professional lab.


Students should obtain a subscription to and install Lightroom Classic prior to the first session. Students do not need to have experience with Lightroom before the first session but having images ready to import or having a catalog already created will prove helpful. Moreover, to get the most out of this class, you will want to be shooting your images in RAW quality.

Software Requirements

Please note that we will be using Lightroom Classic and NOT Lightroom CC. Make sure you are using the most up to date version of Lightroom Classic before enrolling.

Week One

• Catalog creation

• Importing images

• Organization, keywords, folders

• Importing presets

• Adjusting levels and panels, auto adjustments

Week Two

• Resetting, comparing, and copying adjustments

• Exposure, white balance, contrast, and curves

• Clipping, HSL, and B&W

Week Three

• Radial and gradient masks

• Select subject, select sky

• Soft proofing, color management

• Exporting, resizing, printing

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