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Cardinal Camera Photography Education

Learn in a Classroom Environment

We offer several different classes to help you better understand photography and your camera. Whether you’re a beginner wondering what White Balance is, or a seasoned veteran wanting to go beyond the “Auto- Mode,” we have a class for you.


Learn not only from your instructor but from your classmates as well. You might meet a new photography friend!!


Our five core photo classes consist of Intro to Digital Photography, Beyond Auto Mode, Fundamentals of Photography, Advanced Digital Photography, and Digital Point and Shoot. Learn more about these classes below and find the class schedule for your favorite location.


Intro to Digital SLR

Group Class Schedules

Salem, NH

Charlotte, NC

Lansdale, PA

1-on-1 Consultations

What a more personalized learning experience? Register for a 1-on-1 Consultation.


It’s just you and one of our instructors. Perfect for those who want a lesson tailored to their needs. We’ll be able to answer your questions, concerns, and provide personal tips for you to get the most out of your camera and photographs.


Contact one of our locations to register!

The Digital SLR may have a lot of buttons and features, but that doesn’t mean you can’t master it. We’ll teach you the function of each button on your camera and when to use them. Confused about ISO and White Balance? We’ve got you covered. You’ll leave this class feeling more confident about your Digital SLR and be on your way to capturing great family memories!


Beyond Auto Mode

Okay, you’ve taken some great pictures with your camera set to the Auto Mode, but now it’s time to start taking control of your camera and images. This class will help you to begin to unleash the power of your camera and take advantage of some of its best features while still keeping it simple. Learn to use the built in Program and Scene modes for better photos, how to overcome out of focus images. Learn what P, S, A, and M mean and how they work. This class is perfect for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of their DSLR and becoming more creative with their camera and their photography.


Fundamentals of Photography

Success with digital cameras begins with an understanding of the fundamentals of photography. In this class we will discuss ISO, shutter speeds and apertures and how they work together to control exposure. We will also discuss how to use them to take your images to a more creative level. We’ll talk about Depth of Field and how to control it, how to control motion, how and when to use a flash, and much more!


Advanced Digital Photography

This class is for those who have a good understanding of how their camera operates and of the fundamentals of photography—aperture, shutter speeds, ISO—and would like to take their photography to an even more creative level. We cover topics such as using Live View for critical focus, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, learning to compose creatively, using off-camera flash, and shooting in Manual mode for fireworks and long exposures. We’ll also cover the differences between the many lenses that are available for your camera and how to choose the one that is right for you.


Digital Point and Shoot

This class will cover everything you need to know get started right with your compact digital camera. We’ll cover the basics, like charging your battery, playing and deleting images, and how to choose the right memory card for your camera. We’ll also go through how to use the key features of your camera, like which mode to use for different shooting situations, using your camera’s built in flash, menu navigation, and transferring your images into your computer. This is the perfect class for those who might be afraid of “all those buttons” on your camera, and for those interested in taking that next step towards taking better pictures.


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